A THUG who showed up at his ex-partner’s home uninvited and trashed her property has been caged.

Gordon Pettigrew of Dalton Avenue, Dalmellington loitered at the woman’s home, entered without permission, refused to leave and threatened her in March this year.

On the same day he struggled violently with her, kicked and struck and threw furniture, appliances and ornaments around the house causing £5,000 worth of damage before struggling with the police.

The following month Pettigrew behaved in a threatening and abusive manner to another lady who is his ex-wife. The 49-year-old appeared before Sheriff Desmond Leslie at Ayr Sheriff Court last week.

Depute Fiscal Cath Whyte said: “The complainer was going home when she saw Pettigrew. When she passed he started waving at her and asked her if she had a nice day. The woman went into the house. She saw him outside. She told him to wait outside [while she looked for the paperwork for his car].

“But Pettigrew came in and started pulling items out of the cupboard. She asked him to leave but he pulled the freezer open and it came off. He went to the front room and started smashing ornaments and furniture.

“He called her a w***e. The woman tried to phone the police but Pettigrew took the phone off her and said ‘that has been your f***ing problem that phone, you’ll not use it again.

“She tried to use the house phone but he pulled it off the wall. She ran out of the house and phoned the police. Damage to the property was £5000.

“On a different occasion Pettigrew showed up at his ex-wife’s house. She was not expecting visitors and the accused came into the house. He shouted ‘where the f*** have you been?”

Speaking on his behalf defence solicitor Ian Gillies, said: “Obviously these are very serious matters and the court will take a serious view on that. There is a great deal of damage in the first complaint.”

Addressing the dock, Sheriff Leslie said: “Your conduct was deplorable and this was frightening for the woman.”

Pettigrew has been jailed for 162 days. Sentence has been deferred until September for the charge made against him by his ex-wife.