CONCERNS have been raised over the proposal to prohibit artificial flowers in East Ayrshire cemeteries.

A consultation is currently underway on the new proposals, which is reviewed every ten years by East Ayrshire Council, and the motion to ban artificial flowers in the Cemetery Management Rules has been brought forward to “minimise the use of plastics”.

However, a Mauchline resident contacted the Chronicle to express her feelings regarding the new proposals.

She said: “I would like to bring to your attention [this document], which states that artificial flowers are not allowed on the graves, they must be fresh flowers.

“I have contacted East Ayrshire Council to clarify the situation and I received a reply today confirming that artificial flowers are banned in all East Ayrshire cemeteries.

“They cite environmental reasons, which I do understand but I feel that this discriminates against families who cannot afford to keep replacing fresh flowers especially during the winter months, but the alternative of an empty vase is not an option.

“This will affect many families throughout East Ayrshire who may not have read the document in full so will not be aware of it, so I wondered if you could cover it in your paper.

“I have raised an objection with the council but hopefully the more people that object the more likely the council will take note of it.”

A spokesperson for East Ayrshire Council, commented: “Every ten years, the council reviews and updates the Cemetery Management Rules that govern our cemeteries.

“The consultation on the new proposed Cemetery Management Rules is currently live and will close on Wednesday, June 27.

“The proposed rules include the prohibition of artificial flowers on lairs in a bid to minimise the use of plastics within our cemeteries.

“All returns will be fully considered before the Cemetery Management Rules are finalised.”

Feedback can be provided by Wednesday, June 27 to Bob McCulloch, Acting Head of Housing and Communities, Council HQ, London Road, Kilmarnock, KA3 7BU or email