AWAY from helping run the country, our MPs would be forgiven for chilling out when they have the chance.

However, Alan Brown decided to embark on a week’s work experience, which took him to some interesting places of employment.

One such visit was to Mossgiel Farm in Mauchline, even though it meant at early start, although it is something that he is used to.

Mr Brown said: “I am often up ‘wae the coos’ to travel to London for my duties as an MP, but last week I was following Grampa Broon’s footsteps as farm worker.

“When I visited Mossgiel Farm, I was literally be up with the cows for the milking as part of my constituency work experience week. It was great to see organic milk in production and its a big thanks to Bryce at the farm for his help.”

Although he comes from a farming family, Mr Brown was happy to take any helpful advice on board.

In particular, when one of the staff told him; “If the cow’s tail starts lifting, it is time to get shifting.”

As far as we are aware there were no messy incidents to report.

Over the course of the week, Mr Brown was welcomed at many workplaces, including the Ayrshire Weekly Press HQ, where the Chronicle is based.

Other ports of call included the Egger Barony Plant, between Auchinleck and Ochiltree, while he toured the area on East Ayrshire’s Community Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP) van, which was doing the rounds to tie in with Men’s Health Week.