This year’s digital learning week was a great success and the pupils of New Cumnock Primary certainly showcased their talents. As this year’s theme was ‘children leading learning’ the pupils, from P1 to 7, taught each other what they knew about digital literacy.

The week, which ran from May 14 to 18, saw the children sharing their skills in coding, 3D printing and using the different facets of glow.

Some pupils also had a chance to educate the parents and teachers. The P4-7 digital group had a great time teaching the teachers for an hour while the P5/6 pupils shared their thoughts on internet safety with the whole school. As internet safety is such an important issue, the parents were invited in to learn from the P5/6 class how they could safeguard their own children.

The P1s also enjoyed sharing their iPad skills with children from the ECC. After a busy week of learning the children can certainly say they have learned a great deal and are much more digitally literate.