CUMNOCK Action Plan (CAP) held its third annual general meeting in April.

The group and its volunteers, along with many local people, businesses and organisations have been involved in the organising, planning and delivery of some hugely successful events over the past year, attracting more than 3,500 people.

In part two of our report we look at CAP’s future plans, which include tourism and heritage projects.

Cumnock is On the Go and Learning

Linking to the theme of Better Town Appearance, consultation by East Ayrshire Council was launched in December 2017 to explore the redesign and improvement of the current bus stands in the Tanyard. Online surveys and community open events were held, with the consultations ending in February 2018. Feedback will be given to the community at a later date, with work to be scheduled for 2019.

Business Connections

Services continue to thrive with Morrison Construction, the company contracted to deliver on the new Robert Burns Campus. Staff are working with local schools and community groups, delivering STEM activities (science, technology, engineering and maths) as a means of developing skills and knowledge and corporate social investment in the town as part of the development of the school campus. Cumnock Business Association now has 16 members and gets together every month for a breakfast meeting in the Dumfries Arms Hotel, 7.45am until 8.45am — call 01290 422364 for more details.

Tourism, History and Heritage

The Tourism, History and Heritage subgroup have had an action-packed 12 months. Some of their key priorities over the past year have included putting Cumnock ‘On The Map’, promoting historic Cumnock events and activities, promoting and delivering cultural events and activities and the promotion of modern Cumnock as a come-to destination.

Putting Cumnock On the Map

Over the past year we have developed online Community and Business Directories and a ‘What’s On in Cumnock’ section within the Cumnock Action Plan website, as well as promotion through our social media groups. The group have also been designing the Cumnock Town Centre Map that will be placed at the Square, Townhead Shopping Centre and the Bus Station. The Cumnock Heritage Trail Map, planned by Cumnock History Group, will be placed on the reverse side of the Town Map in the Square. The group are continuing to pursue the development of an app to provide information on heritage, walking and woodland trails, as well as community and business directories. They have also been working in partnership with Sir James McMillan of the Cumnock Tryst in producing the story of the Bell Tree and Armistice 2018 to a local, national and international audience. The group have continued to promote Cumnock, with over 20 articles appearing in local and national press over the last year.

Historic and Cultural Activities

A further reprint of 1500 Cumnock Heritage Trail leaflets has been produced. This will further promote historic Cumnock and encourage people to walk the route, learning some local historic facts as they go. Leaflets are available in many community buildings and businesses.

A Halloween themed clean up in the old cemetery was organised late 2017. This involved local residents and many young people, all keen to hear the horror stories of Cumnock and find out more about their ancestors.