THERE was a double celebration for New Cumnock man Iain Burgoyne last month.

He celebrated his 63rd birthday as well as 55 years with New Cumnock Scouts, not to mention his role as committee member of Glenafton Athletic.

Iain said: “What a birthday I had on April 27 — not only a year older but it is 55 years to the day since I became part of the greatest youth organisation ever.

“I joined New Cumnock cubs at eight-years-old, and never been away since, which was a cause for celebration with all my Scout family.

“A big thanks to the Hillside School special needs group which I have on a Tuesday afternoon and, in New Cumnock, the beavers, cubs, scouts and explorer scouts.”

Along with scout leader Gus Hart, who is also on the Glens’ committee, they have clocked up 95 years of dedicated duty to the group.

It has been a family affair as Iain’s grandfather, father and brother were all members of New Cumnock Scouts with many hurdles overcome over the years.

“Our hall was literally falling down around us. There was a large part of the building that we could not use and there was water coming in everywhere.

“But thanks to the Minerals Trust, who awarded us almost £70,000, we were able to invest in new premises with the Windfarm Regeneration Trust also contributing.

“Scouts are a huge part of my life and simply couldn’t imagine life without them. Every time I put my uniform on it means just two things — fun and adventure.

“Many thanks to all leaders past and present who have helped me along the way and still do and to all my young members who make it all worth while. Here’s to the many years to come...Be Prepared.”

The people of New Cumnock have returned the compliment to Iain, known to many as Budgie, with several comments on social media posted on his special day.

Lauren Mckenzie said: “Super Budgie, best scout leader there could ever be! Pump up the jam,” while Billy Paton added: “Happy you think you are going to stick with it now.”

Congratulations to Iain from everyone at the Chronicle and we look forward to sampling your culinary delights at the next Glens’ home match.