LOCAL historian Rab McMurdo’s extensive research has discovered that 23 war heroes are not on Auchinleck’s war memorial.

His work has resulted in a proposal for their names to be added to the commemoration which is in Auchinleck Parish Churchyard.

The memorial, which was unveiled on December 24, 1922 by Colonel John Douglas Boswell of Auchinleck, was one of many war memorials erected across the UK in the 1920’s in memory of the fallen in the First World War.

After the Second World War, the memorial was inscribed with the names of local men who had given their lives and again after the Falklands War.

Detailed historical investigations by Rab have however highlighted that the names of 11 local men who served in the First World War and 12 local men from the Second World War are not included on the memorial.

Lt.Col. Roger Binks at the Scottish National War Memorial in Edinburgh was consulted and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission online records were also checked.

Both confirmed that the names should be included on the memorial.

Deputy Provost Claire Leitch, councillor for Ballochmyle, said: “Until now the war memorial at Auchinleck was believed to contain all the names of local men who had fallen during times of war.

“Mr McMurdo, through considerable research, has identified 23 local men who should be included on the war memorial and the addition of their names will ensure that they are properly recognised.

“The years after each World War were a time of great turmoil.

“So many people had lost loved ones and were struggling to survive in the difficult post war conditions.

“We want to ensure that everyone is recognised and a public consultation is now underway regarding our proposals to add the 23 names.”

If you wish to comment on the proposal please email stuart.nelson@east-ayrshire.gov.uk — closing date for submissions is Friday 25 May.

The 23 servicemen’s names are —


Pte Irvine Anderson, Highland Light Infantry

Pte James Colquhoun, Royal Scots Fusiliers

Gnr John Darroch, Royal Field Artillery

Pte William Eadie, Argyll and Sutherland


L/Cpl Stephen French, Royal Scots Fusiliers

Pte Edward Kennedy, Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Pte John Lockhart, Royal Scots Fusiliers

Pte Samuel McBlane, Royal Scots Fusiliers

Pte James Neil, Royal Scots Fusiliers

Pte William Steele, Royal Scots Fusiliers

Pte Bernard McCann, Royal Scots Fusiliers


Sgt David H Lamont, Royal Scots Fusiliers

Pte James McMurdo, Black Watch

Cpl Joseph McTurk, Queen’s Own

Cameron Highlanders

Sgt David Strachan, Royal New Zealand

Air Force

Sgt John Veldon, Royal Artillery

Cpl William Anderson, Royal Scots Fusiliers

L/Cpl James Campbell, Royal Engineers

Eng James Marshall, Merchant Navy

Gnr David McMurdo, Royal Artillery

Fus James Summers, Royal Scots Fusiliers

Pte Samuel Wightman, Pioneer Corps

F/O William Begg, Royal Air Force