PUPILS at Patna Primary School were given an insight into the World of Work on Friday afternoon.

Budding young doctors, journalists, police officers and artists got the chance to meet the professionals and find out how to get into the job.

A total of 12 different occupations were represented including the police, the Scottish SPCA, a musician, an artist, a reporter, abd a pharmacist. Ayrshire College and UWS were also there to talk about further education.

School teacher Emma Raleigh organised the event and explained why they put the event on.

She said: “We wanted to just make the kids more aware of the different careers that were out there. All we ever heard was that they wanted to be a footballer or a youtuber. We wanted to expand that a wee bit as well because whenever we had anyone in they suddenly all wanted to be that person.

“Getting a lot of people in and getting the university and the college in as well, especially for the Primary 7s to see where they were able to go with it.

“It’s something they are want to include more now – being aware of the world of work and the different professions that are there as well as how to get into it – not just the different jobs but how they can get there.”