A MUIRKIRK man has been left frustrated after bursting a tyre in a pothole on the A70.

Sanny McCann claimed for compensation from East Ayrshire Council after the incident on February 14.

A new tyre cost Sanny £62 but, as a result of a potentially misleading deduction, Sanny will only receive £37.80.

Sanny said: “It’s absolutely ridiculous as I paid £62 and then they take a reduction for tyre wear which was on an Astra with 13,000 miles on it.”

“They say that particular hole was reported and up for repair a month prior to this but they didn’t meet the time allocated.

“That hole was not there the week prior.

“The woman I reported it to had no knowledge of it as I was the first to report it.

“There’s nowt you can do.

“You can’t just walk into a garage and ask for an old tyre to be put on your car.”

A spokesperson for EAC explained: “Where it is considered, as in Mr McCann’s case, that the council or the alliance is at fault then a deduction is made for wear and tear.

“A claimant will not receive new for old.

“The calculation for the contribution towards Mr McCann’s loss was deducted pro rata, meaning it was worked out as 13,712 over 24,000 miles not for travelling 24,000 miles.

“Mr McCann has the right to appeal against this decision.

“The decision to provide a contribution towards Mr McCann’s loss was based on the fact that defects had been noted and works instructed during a routine inspection but the repairs had not been carried out with the agreed target timescale.”