VANDALS brought carnage to a quiet residential area of Mauchline leaving car owners stranded — and facing hefty repair bills.

It is understood that the trail of destruction started in a cul-de-sac consisting of mainly pensioners’ homes, at Beechgrove Road.

After targeting vehicles there, they moved along the road to where Barskimming Road residents’ cars were parked.

One 76-year-old, who asked not to be named, described getting into his car on the morning of April 26.

He said: “The minute I tried to drive off is when I realised that there was a problem. Two tyres had been slashed.

“I use my car every day and it cost me more than £120 to get two new tyres, a lot of money to be out of pocket for a pensioner.”

Another vehicle owner in Barskimming Road had an even worse experience when all four tyres were slashed.

Both cars were parked in Beechgrove Road and investigating officers have asked anyone who noticed anything suspicious to get in touch.

PC Craig Marshall said: “The cars were vandalised sometime between the evening of April 25 and the following morning.

“It is a quiet area normally and we are appealing for the public to help catch those responsible for this mindless vandalism.

“Contact Cumnock police office on 101 if you have any information that will help us apprehend them.”