A FIRST aid volunteer from Auchinleck has claimed he was mistreated by St Andrew’s First Aid.

Callum Dunnachie had volunteered with the charity for seven years before he had to give it up last year for health reasons.

He thought he had parted company on good terms with St Andrew’s but when he reapplied to volunteer earlier this year he was hit with rejection.

Callum said: “I applied to return to volunteer a couple of months back and I was surprised when they rejected it. They said I was deemed ‘unfit’. When I asked them about it they told me that I hadn’t resigned. I had been dismissed but I had not been told about it.

“One of my qualifications had lapsed because I was ment to go to a training day in Glasgow but I was unable to attend because I had norovirus. I couldn’t make it but it wasn’t as if I couldn’t go on a different day.

“After I reapplied, I received the offer of a job at South Ayrshire Council but I needed a reference. I contacted Gette Fulton but she refused a reference so I was refused the job.

“I think it’s completely disgusting that they could do that. I have volunteered for the past seven years, I’ve gone to Rugby Park, Somerset Park, local gala days, Ayr Racecourse all as a volunteer and they treat me like this.”

A spokesperson for St Andrew's First Aid said: “We are unable to discuss individual cases, however, St Andrew’s First Aid has a stringent volunteer recruitment process. All applicants are assessed on a range of criteria including their interests, abilities and suitability to fulfil the responsibilities and requirements of the role. Decisions are made on fair judgement and the completion of all necessary checks.

“The charity has a clear Volunteer Conduct policy and process which sets out the steps volunteers should take if they feel they have been unfairly treated.

“The charity welcomes all applications and engages with a wide range of individuals to deliver the very highest standards of first aid support.”

In response to the provision of a reference, the spokesperson added: “St Andrew’s First Aid does not provide business references to individuals due to the voluntary nature of the support provided. On request the charity can only confirm that a person has/is a volunteer and the period they have volunteered for.”