A GROUP of Brownies from Mauchline became weather-girls for the day when they visited BBC Studios in Glasgow.

They spent a fascinating day behind the scenes which started off with a short film about set building which they watched through visual reality headsets.

Their tour of the station’s Scottish nerve centre took them to a recording studio, another where programmes are broadcast from, then the news bulletin desk and weather map.

Christopher Blanchett, BBC Scotland’s weatherman was on hand to tell the girls how the forecasts are presented and how to use the ‘green screen’ map.

It is not as easy as it looks to point to the right part of the country when presenting the weather — they found out for themselves when some of the girls, and leaders, had a go.

A spokeswoman for the 3rd Mauchline Brownies said: “This was a very enjoyable afternoon and the girls and leaders had a great time.”

It has been a busy time for the group who also earned their Communicator badge with the help of Lisa Davidson, who is profoundly deaf. She came to a Brownie meeting with her interpreter, Helen, to tell all about communicating with a deaf person.

Lisa started by explaining how to get a deaf person’s attention and things to consider when talking to deaf person in order that they can lip read. Then she helped the girls learn some British Sign Language – both phrases and finger spelling — they practised these methods and enjoyed learning a new language.