RESIDENTS of New Cumnock can decide what the future holds for the town.

A community consultation about The New Cumnock Master Plan will be held over four days, from April 26 to 29 inclusive.

Venues have still to be finalised although it is likely that both the town hall and New Cumnock Working Men's Club will be confirmed soon.

Among the various issues, developments and plans which will be explored are — Wind Farms/turbines: Are there too many or not enough and how should the community funding be used to benefit the people of New Cumnock?

Empty Buildings: What are people's ideas and suggestions for what to do with the land as well as their thoughts on the town centre layout?

Future Economy for the village: It is vital that the community has their say on what businesses should be serving them and providing jobs.

Long-term Village Vision: what do the community want life in the village to be like in the next 10 years, especially younger residents?

Other themes which will be integral to any masterplan are what opportunities for young people will be available and how the community will support the elderly.