RESIDENTS in Netherthird, along with a generous donation, have helped to raise enough money to have a defibrillator kit fitted at the community centre.

Staff from the community cafe, NCafe, organised a prize bingo to help fund the defibrillator that was donated by St John's Order.

Netherthird's Margaret Campbell wanted to highlight the great work that had been done to raise the funds. She said: "The girls that run NCafe, which is the community cafe within Netherthird Community Centre have been fund raising recently.

"St Johns Order are generously donating a defibrillator to the Netherthird community, this defibrillator will be on the outside wall of the community centre and will be available for anyone to use.

"We had to raise money to contribute towards the defib so Jean Jagodowski from Cumnock kindly donated £250 towards it and the girls from NCafe organised a Prize Bingo within the centre and raised the rest."

Also happening in Netherthird, the NZone children and fitness club were awarded funds at the recent Cumnock and Doon Valley Participatory Budgeting Event and the sewing B were given a grant from Cumnock Rotary.

Margaret added: "The girls from NZone children and fitness club also took part in East Ayrshire Councils Participatory Budgeting Event last weekend and won £1,773 for small trampolines and other equipment for the club. They host on a Friday Night at Netherthird Community Centre, all children welcome.

"Last but not least Graces Sewing B got a lovely grant of £200 from Cumnock Rotary Club for a new over-locker. Graces sewing B is on a Monday night from 6-8pm."