AN AUCHINLECK resident has raised concerns about the security of East Ayrshire's new recycling scheme.

Sammy Irvine visited the Chronicle's reporter surgery at Cumnock Town Hall to explain his misgivings on the stacking trolley system in use.

The trolley, which will replace the blue bin, is being introduced gradually to every household, Auchinleck being one of the first places to get it.

It comprises three separate boxes which fit securely onto a wheeled base which, similar to the current green or brown bins, are wheeled to a collection point for emptying

Mixed glass goes in the bottom box; cartons, cans and mixed plastics in the middle with paper and cardboard in the top one, which locks.

Mr Irvine is worried about how easy it will be for the top box to be broken into, or put out unlocked by mistake, and important documents containing personal information taken.

He said: "The old bins were so deep, it would be difficult to pick out anything that is a security risk, but that is not the case with the new system.

"I am worried that they are now an easy target for a opportunist thief to just grab a bundle of papers as they are walking past.

"Residents can be careless and forgetful. I would like to see the paper and cardboard in the bottom box. It should have been there in the first place.

"Then it would be even harder to steal items, compared to the old system, rather than making it easier for the crooks.

"Older people and vulnerable residents are particularly at risk. I do not think that this has been thought through properly."

We passed Mr Irvine's concerns on to East Ayrshire Council officials who said the new system will not be changing.

They added that, in the current climate. prevention is the key and great care should be taken when recycling things like bank statements and utility bills.

A spokeswoman said: "Last month East Ayrshire Council launched the new kerbside trolley recycling service.

"The innovative trolley system will help improve the quality and quantity of materials captured for recycling and will provide a weekly collection service for paper and card, plastics, cartons, cans and glass alongside food waste.

"The trolley, which is replacing the blue bin, has three separate sections that fit securely onto a wheeled base.

"As with the blue bin, it is not advisable to put sensitive documents or letters out for recycling.

"Please either shred your documents, letters or bank statements or remove any personal information that could identify you before recycling."