DRIVERS were being targeted in a three-week police operation in the Cumnock area to keep the roads safer.

It was part of a wider campaign, called New Year’s Resolution, in which officers work with local businesses to educate drivers in East Ayrshire.

In Cumnock alone, seven people, between the ages of 24 and 61, were issued with fixed penalty notices for driving while using a mobile phone.

Three people were hit by a similar fine for driving without due care — two men aged 67 and 76 and a 23-year-old woman.

Fixed penalties were also incurred by a man, 44, for a traffic light offence; another aged 30 for vehicle registration irregularities and a 76-year-old driving at excessive speed.

Cumnock Community Policing Sergeant, Gavin Chisholm, said: “Officers will continue with patrols in the area over the coming weeks to engage with all road users, promote safety and identify those driving with disregard for road safety.

“Please remember that anything that can affect your ability to concentrate whilst driving can significantly increase your chances of being involved in a collision.

“These actions could also result in a fine, penalty points or even a driving ban - don’t risk it.”

As well as coming down hard on offenders, the New Year’s Resolution campaign want drivers to think when they are behind the wheel of a car.

It stresses the dangers associated with being distracted whilst driving and is geared towards educating drivers, including the use of mobile devices whilst driving.

Craig Marshall, from the East Ayrshire Community Police unit, said: “In March 2017, the penalties for using a phone while driving increased. It’s now six points and £200, yet every day some drivers are still prepared to ignore this and put themselves and other road users at risk.”

Among the worst cases was a 44-year-old man reported after being detected allegedly more than five times over the legal drink drive limit.

Mr Marshall added: “Visit the road safety pages of our website, for more information.”