EAST Ayrshire Council have come under fire over the condition of the roads in Dalmellington.

It has been claimed that the roads have not been properly gritted in the area and that a build-up in potholes have left A713 unsafe.

On Friday, the community was virtually cut off as the A70, A713, B741 and B742 were all closed by the police after a number of incidents occurred including a tanker overturning between Dalmellington and Waterside.

Rae Murphy, manager at Dalmellington Care Centre, is concerned at the dangerous state that the roads have been left in. She said: “We have raised concerns with East Ayrshire Council about the lack of gritting in the Dalmellington area.

“I have e-mailed Fiona Lees, the head of Ayrshire Roads Alliance, Stuart Turner and all the councillors. Cllr John Bell has taken it upon himself to fight our corner.

“My staff are putting their lives in their hands because of the condition of the roads. There has been a bad accident today (Friday) and the road has been closed by the police. I have been told about various incidents of people falling because there has been no gritting.

“The A713 to Patna is covered in potholes. There is one that is half way across the road, you have to go into the other lane to pass it. It is an accident waiting to happen.

“Why are the roads like this? Is it because of cut backs? Do they not have the man power or the appropriately skilled people in charge?

Ayrshire Roads Alliance have said that the A713 as far south as Carsphairn, the B741 between Dalmellington and New Cumnock, the A70 between Cumnock and Coylton and the B730 between Drongan and Patna were all gritted on Friday, January 5 between 1am and 4am.

They have also put plans in place to inspect potholes on the A713 “as soon as is practical”.

However, Dalmellington is not currently part of the council’s winter resilience plan where local community volunteers are more readily able to grit pavements and walkway.

Stewart Turner, head of the Ayrshire Roads Alliance said: “We were delighted to welcome Sorn Community Council to the winter resilience group and they have already been making an important contribution to their local area during the wintry weather.

“Community councils, local groups and individuals can all make a difference to their area. Signing up is entirely voluntary and we would positively encourage people coming forward to express interest and join.

“Once membership is confirmed each group receives a portable pavement gritter, a lockable grit bin, snow shovels, yellow jackets, safety gear, access to a weather service and full training.”