A NEW Cumnock woman was left stranded at Crosshouse Hospital in her pyjamas after being taken to A&E in the back of ambulance on Sunday night.

Carolanne McCrae was admitted at 8pm in severe pain due to an ongoing heath problem before she was given pain killers to manage the pain.

She claimed that doctors prepared her for an overnight stay but she was told at 1.30am that there was nothing doctors could do but control the pain before she was discharged.

Despite trying her best to get someone to come and pick her up, she couldn’t find transport home and when she appealed to hospital staff she was told to wait in the waiting room until the first bus came.

After waiting to get the bus on Monday morning, Carolanne contacted the Chronicle. She said: “I was taken into Crosshouse Hospital last night at 8pm in my pjs by ambulance due to an ongoing problem. I have a cyst in my overy and endometriosis, I was in alot of pain and needing help real bad.

“When I got there I was prepped as if I was staying the night, doctors had given me strong pain killers, so I had told family to go to bed.

“At 1.30am a doctor came back as I was still in bed at A&E at this point and they told me there was nothing much they could do but control the pain so they gave me medication and said I could leave.

“I was in my pjs and had no way of getting home. I had tried everyone. I was ill and like a zombie with medication. I was told it was not their problem to get me home and was told to sleep in a cold waiting room till 8am till I could get a bus in my pyjamas on medication they had gave me.

“It is a joke. I know they help with transport but wouldn’t help me for some reason and the nurse spoke to me like crap.

“That is a disgrace. I told them I didn’t want a free ride. They could bill me for it and I would pay it back.

“I couldn’t get a way home, it’s 30 miles to new Cumnock, at that time of morning. They didn’t care and didn’t care I would need to get on a bus in my pjs.

“There was no way I could get home and I didn’t have the £50 to pay for a taxi. I was told it wasn’t their problem even though I was brought in by ambulance.

“I know folk that have got taxi passes to get home in the early hours of the morning and these are at a nurses discretion. I was told this by someone that works in the NHS but they were nasty to me last night.

“They have made me even more ill with all the stress.”

In response to Carolanne’s claims, Liz Moore, NHS Ayrshire and Arran director for acute services, said: “NHS Ayrshire and Arran takes all feedback, comments, concerns or complaints very seriously.

“While we cannot comment on individual patients, we would encourage the patient to contact us directly with any concerns they have. This is the only way that we can properly involve them in the process and resolve any issues.”