WORKERS at a Mauchline firm were sent home last week and are understood to be awaiting a payment of wages.

VG Energy have been based at the Barskimming Road premises for just a few months, having relocated from Galston on July 17, with around 40 people employed there.

Despite the move, which was to larger premises with more warehouse facilities, the company appear to have no more work at present.

They are part of a group which has offices in Aberdeen and Worcestershire — calls to all three outlets are not being answered and their website has also been taken down.

It is understood that auctioneers have visited the Mauchline site and inspected various pieces of equipment earlier this week.

Councillor for the area, Jim Roberts, said: “Details are sketchy at the moment.

“ It is early days and we do not yet know what the final outcome will be.

“What is surprising is that it has always been thought that the renewables industry is healthy.

“VG Energy employs more than 100 people across its three sites.

“That is the case with the amount of applications that are made to the council, so to hear this news is a concern.”

Ironically, just a few weeks ago, the firm proudly announced that one of their apprentices had been honoured at the Ayrshire Business Awards.

Speaking to a social media business site in July, the firm’s managing director spoke of big plans following the Mauchline move.

Steven Rawding said: “VG Energy has always been an organisation recognised for looking to the future, for our business, our industry, as well as clients and the wider community.

“The relocation makes good business sense and also develops our strong corporate social responsibility culture and community links.

“With plans to create a Renewables Centre of excellence at the new office, with renewables research and training facilities in association with Ayrshire College and Glasgow University, we are backing the industry for the future generations.”

Telling customers how to contact them, it goes on to say that Mauchline is their head office, with the other at Hanbury in Worcestershire said to be its Southern office.

Contact details are also given for the Aberdeen part of the operation .

All three were unavailable this week as the Cumnock Chronicle went to press on Wednesday, November 1