A MAN has been jailed after threatening to “break” a paramedic’s jaw.

George Grovner, of Merrick Avenue, Dalmellington, admitted to assaulting, obstructing or hindering a paramedic while at work and utter threats of violence to him on April 5 within an ambulance outside Ayr Hospital’s accident and emergency.

The 39-year-old appeared before Sheriff John Montgomery at Ayr Sheriff Court last week.

Depute Fiscal, Andrew Lazzarin, explained: “Ambulance staff were called at 12:45pm to a man who was lying unconscious within a shop in Ayr. They took him to hospital and administered a drug that would bring him back to a normal state.

“Whilst in the ambulance, the accused was conscious, became agitated and started to unstrap himself.

“When they arrived at the hospital, the accused shouted at the paramedic that he was going to break his jaw.

“Police attended and ambulance staff pointed out the accused. He was arrested.”

Speaking on his behalf, defence solicitor Quinton Muir, said: “In the afternoon of said date, he was out of it within this shop in Ayr and he was given a drug to bring him round and he came around whilst he was in the ambulance and was wanting to know where his girlfriend was.

“ He didn’t ever approach the technician – he hopes that my Lord will see that the reports as relatively positive.

He has been in prison on many occasions and he is very pessimistic that this may be revisited giving the gravity of his record.”

Sheriff Montgomery said: “The emergency services came to your assistance and when you regained consciousness, you threatened to break the jaw of a paramedic so you are going to jail for five months.”