RESIDENTS on the route to Afton windfarm are bracing themselves for an invasion of monster lorries transporting massive components to the site.

Their concerns were intensified when a vehicle ended up in a ditch at Afton Road, which is graded a C route, defined as unclassified.

This photograph was taken on Thursday last week by a member of the public and forwarded to our news desk.

It was captioned: “This is the first of the mobile cranes which went up Afton Road, New Cumnock today and promptly got stuck on the verge of the C road leading up to Afton windfarm.”

Local man Jerry Mulders is also sceptical about the information that the Chronicle was sent which depicted the abnormal loads that will be passing through the village soon.

He said: “Please be aware that the mock blade, on the lorry, is just the tip and not the whole blade. The real blade will extend all the way forward to the lorry tractor unit.”

Meanwhile a 600m section of the road,at Lochingerroch Bridge will be temporary closed this Saturday and Sunday for resurfacing. This will happen on both days between 8am and noon, then again from 1pm to 5pm, south of Lochingerroch Farm — no alternative route is available.

A spokesman for developers, Natural Power, said : “During a recent delivery a vehicle was travelling along an unusually narrowed stretch of road due to traffic cones when it mounted the soft verge.

“The vehicle was recovered, and sent on to complete its journey. There were no injuries or damage as a result.

“We have in place contingency plans to ensure minimal disruption to the local area.”

He also clarified the photo we published of the trial run.

“The picture that was used in last week’s Cumnock Chronicle was from the turbine delivery trial run at Afton Wind Farm last month.

“This was used to test out our new access tracks and make sure everything is okay for the abnormal loads.

“What’s shown in the photo is a ‘dummy’ load and is only the end of the blade.

“The largest of the turbine components to be delivered to Afton Windfarm will be the blades which are 39m long. The vehicle in the photograph has been set up for the correct length for deliveries,” he added.