PUPILS and teachers have been taking part in national Digital Learning Week.

Organised by Education Scotland, the event offers a series of challenges, ideas and initiatives, all aimed at increasing the use of digital learning to raise attainment, ambition and opportunities for all.

From tablets to 3D printers, online learning at home and even video lessons, digital learning is now a key part of the curriculum and East Ayrshire Council is leading from the front in delivering digital dexterity and encouraging electronic excellence in all schools.

Logan Primary pupils got their hands on programming skills with BBC Microbits – small programmable robots that can be used to control other devices and offer an excellent introduction to coding and computing.

Pupils at Auchinleck Academy also took part in learning programming, but they had their eyes on the sky, as drone piloting and technology also featured in their lessons.

Technology is also enhancing outdoor learning and young pupils from Hillbank Early Education Centre had great fun exploring Dean Park using iPads and Apps to guide them on their journey.

Other activities included a digital story chain, where a story was started, then sent on, with the next each school adding to the story, before passing it on to the next.

Pupils at Barshare, New Cumnock and Greenmill Primary had great fun with this during their class sessions.

Councillor Fiona Campbell said: “The diverse and ever increasing use for digital technology in our schools is truly amazing and is limited only by the imagination of the pupils and teachers.

“I’m proud and delighted our schools have made such a positive contribution to Digital Learning Week.”