THE local MSP has warned that the SNP are risking a border between Scotland and England.

Dumfriesshire MSP Oliver Mundell warned of a hard border between the two countries if the SNP pursues a 'Norway-style' deal with the European Union.

Mr Mundell has hit out at plans by the SNP which would see a hard border erected between Scotland and England.

The MSP reckons that the SNP are keen to join the European Economic Area in a deal similar to Norway, who are also outwith the European Union but this would leave a border between Scotland and it's largest export market.

The Dumfriesshire MSP says the SNP plans would only succeed in putting up barriers with our nearest border and continue on their drive towards independence.

Commenting Oliver Mundell said: "This is yet more evidence that the SNP are only interested in breaking up our United Kingdom as the European Union are not interested in giving a separate deal for Scotland yet now we hear they want a 'Norway style deal' that would only succeed in creating a border between ourselves and England.

"This is hugely misguided from the SNP who know that the UK exports market is worth four times as much to the economy than our exports to the European Union.

"Instead of this grandstanding, they should be promoting the important links between ourselves and major cities in the North in a bid to boost economic growth in Scotland.

"The vote to leave the European Union was conducted as the United Kingdom and our interests will be best served by negotiating as the United Kingdom.

"People in Dumfriesshire voted overwhelmingly to remain part of the Union two years ago and will not be impressed by the SNP looking to put up borders between our friends a matter of miles away."