AN AEROPLANE carrying two people had a narrow escape when it crash landed near the A76 between Cumnock and New Cumnock.

Emergency crews were turned out to the hair-raising crash near a farm just off the major road near New Cumnock.

Crews from Cumnock, New Cumnock and Kilmarnock rushed to the site, near Benston Farm, shortly after 2pm on Saturday June 18.

The farm lies a short distance from the A76 as well as the Lochside House Hotel

The micro-light aircraft crash landed on arrival at a private airstrip near the farm.

There were two people on board the single engined plane when it made the rough landing.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Cumnock Station Manager, Alan Coughtrie said: "It was just a bad landing for them but they were both fine and they were checked over by an ambulance crew.

"Someone saw it happen and thought that it had crashed.

"These types of aircraft are notoriously unbalanced. I think the wind caught it as he approached to land and it took a wee bit of a nose dive and had a hard landing but fortunately nobody was hurt."

The plane didn't overturn and there was no fuel spillage.

Microlight aircrafts are restricted to two seats and fly at low speed.