ADAM Ingram has lashed out over the inappropriate use of controversial zero hours contracts.

The MSP has highlighted a new Citizens Advice Scotland report which shows that the misuse of the contracts by some employers is forcing workers to turn to food banks and payday lenders.

He says it demonstrates the need to take action to ensure Scotland’s wealth works for all the people who live here.

The 'Working on the Edge’ report warns that employers misusing zero hours contracts are leading some workers facing prosecution over unpaid debts and even bankruptcy – as well as contributing to the increase in people relying on food banks.

The Scottish Government has previously called on the UK Government to crack down on inappropriate zero hours contracts – for example by ensuring workers on zero hours contracts are given compensation if their shifts are cancelled at short notice.

Mr Ingram said: “While the UK government is encouraging the use of zero hours contracts, the Scottish Government has been looking at options available to tackle the issue within its current limited powers. As employment policy is reserved to Westminster, this is yet another example of how we can do things differently, and better, with independence.

“Zero hours contracts can be beneficial for some but they are not appropriate for everyone – and are more likely to be offered to women, young people and pensioners. And the growth in the inappropriate use of these contracts is clearly cause for real concern.

“The fact that anyone is forced to rely on food banks in a wealthy country like Scotland is nothing less than a scandal – but that people in employment are now struggling to afford the basics like food is simply unbelievable.

“After a Yes vote we can use the powers of independence to make sure that more people feel the benefits of Scotland’s wealth. The establishment of a Fair Work Commission and a commitment to raise the minimum wage at least in line with inflation will help us take action on low pay.”