Ayrshire woman Maureen Rankin was praised for her campaigning work on behalf of the Captive Animals Protection Society, when Cathy Jamieson MP spoke in a Commons debate last week.

The debate was called by Parliament's Back Bench Business Committee, after the Government backed down from a ban on Wild Animals in Circuses. Cathy highlighted Maureen's role in securing support for a ban from local politicians, and her tireless work for CAPS.

Speaking after the debate Cathy said: " This debate was called to hold the Government to account because they had chopped and changed their position over recent weeks. Campaigners have highlighted the high level of public support for a ban on wild animals in circuses, and a number animal welfare organisations, including RSPCA, have raised concerns.

Speakers from all parties spoke in support of a ban, and as the vote was pressed, the Government accepted the will of Parliament, and will now work towards implementing a ban." Prior to the debate, Cathy met with Virginia McKenna, of the Born Free Foundation, to discuss the issue.

She added: " It was a privilege to meet Virginia McKenna, whose work on wild animal welfare an conservation is legendary. I am pleased that she was able to watch the debate, and I know she will welcome the outcome."