MYSTERIOUS UFOs hovering over Cumnock and Doon Valley have returned.

And a Rankinston man is now a believer in the unknown after his close encounter on Tuesday July 7 at around 11.50pm.

Gary Smith, 19, spotted the strange lights near his home in Coyle Crescent after he logged off his computer and went outside for a smoke before he went to bed. He said: 'I was standing for a few seconds then all I saw was this flying object over my roof right above me. It was a reddish orange light.

'I must have stared at it for ten seconds, then it magically disappeared.

'It wasn"t even cloudy, it was a clear sky. It was like nothing I"ve never seen before.' Back in January several other witnesses came forward after New Cumnock man Graham Wight spotted similar lights on the A76 Cumnock - New Cumnock road.

Explanations offered at the time included micro lights, Chinese lanterns and military testing of new technology.

However Gary still has no idea what caused the strange lights but he is positive that it wasn"t lanterns or a plane.

He added: 'I know for a fact it wasn"t a plane because there wasn"t a bit of noise coming from it. To be honest it was quite low so it was odd not to hear anything.' And the computing student at Ayr College has already researched the other possibilities of what may have caused the lights.

He added: 'I was looking at pictures on the internet and it was exactly the same, its like one of those UFOs off the telly. Before I saw that I wasn"t a believer but now I don"t think we"re the only things living in this universe. We"d be a bit selfish if we thought we were.' What caused these mysterious lights remains to be seen, but if you can offer an explanation please contact the Chronicle news desk on 01290 421633 or email us at