We have some wonderfully scenic areas around this part of the world and plenty of people take advantage of them being on our doorsteps.

We asked Cumnock Chronicle readers to pic their most picturesque place in the area and they didn't disappoint.

Stretching across all corners of Ayrshire, we've selected some of the best images submitted.

Loch Doon

Cumnock Chronicle: Loch DoonLoch Doon (Image: Craig Mccomb)

Cumnock Chronicle: Loch DoonLoch Doon (Image: Neil Given)

Cumnock Chronicle: Loch DoonLoch Doon (Image: Tracey Denny)

A popular and understandable choice, as shown by Craig Mccomb, Neil Given and Tracey Denny's pictures.

Afton Reservoir

Cumnock Chronicle: Afton ReservoirAfton Reservoir (Image: Christopher Greig.)

Christopher Greig is right to point out the stunning Afton Reservoir.

Waterside Bing

Cumnock Chronicle: Waterside BingWaterside Bing (Image: Mark Graham)

Mark Graham's choice of Waterside Bing gets bonus points for including dogs in his picture.

Galloway Forrest

Cumnock Chronicle: Galloway ForrestGalloway Forrest (Image: Sharon Blackmore)

There's something about a crisp looking photo that adds something extra, as shown by Sharon Blackmore's choice of Galloway Forrest.


Cumnock Chronicle: LochsideLochside (Image: Wully Mccallum)

Wully Mccallum's choice was Lochside, and we can see why.

Tibbie's Brig

Cumnock Chronicle: Tibbie's BrigTibbie's Brig (Image: Fred Dickson)

More bonus points for Fred Dickson and his selection of Tibbie's Brig near Muirkirk.


Cumnock Chronicle: Mauchline Church groundsMauchline Church grounds (Image: Leanne Riedel)

Leanne Riedel submitted a season photo of Mauchline Church grounds.


Cumnock Chronicle: DunureDunure (Image: Anne Welsh McKinlay)
A worthy selection of Dunure was given by Anne Welsh McKinlay.

The Devil's backdoor

Cumnock Chronicle: The Devil's backdoorThe Devil's backdoor (Image: Claire Allison)
As wonderful in the winter as it is in the summer, Claire Allison selected The Devil's backdoor.

Dumfries House

Cumnock Chronicle: Dumfries HouseDumfries House (Image: Tommy Samson)
Last, but certainly not least, Dumfries House proved to be another popular choice, as selected by Tommy Samson.

What's your favourite?