PUPILS, teachers and families at Netherthird Primary School had a distinct case of yellow fever on Friday as they joined forces to do their bit for the annual Children In Need appeal.

The school welcomed parents and carers to the building for a ‘spot tea’ during the day, giving family members the chance to share in what the school described as “a lovely buzz” when they shared the photos on Twitter.

And Netherthird’s P1/2C class joined in the fun by making bright yellow headbands to wear along with their Pudsey jumpers and T-shirts during the day.

Nationally the appeal had raised £35 million by the time the TV appeal ended.

The appeal dates back to 1980 - long before today’s school pupils, and most of their parents, were even born! - though the BBC’s first appeal to raise money for children’s charities dates all the way back to 1927.

Since that first modern appeal 42 years ago more than £1 billion has been raised to help children across the UK.

Photos - @netherthirdps on Twitter