Grierson informed the Bunnets’ committee on Monday evening that he was stepping down fom the Rosebank hotseat.

Speaking to the Chronicle, Grierson explained his decision to leave the club, citing unpaid wages to his squad as the reason. He said: “The players haven’t been paid from last year. I couldn’t then go and spend money putting a squad together for next season knowing that those players hadn’t been paid. That just doesn’t sit well with me.

“We were waiting to see what was happening with the club. Obviously there’s been an issue with money at the club and the squad hasn’t been paid for the season. Morally that doesn’t sit well with me knowing they will not be paid.” Grierson admits that he holds no ill felling towards Lugar, saying: “I wish the new committee all the very best, they are nice people and passionate about the club.

“It’s going to be a full rebuld job for them now. I’d be very surprised if any of the squad come back and play again next season though.

“The club’s troubles have had a massive impact on our season. We hadn’t lost a game until all of the stories came out.

“I’m not in any way blaming the committee for anything but it certainly had an impact on us.” It’s now up to the new Bunnets’ committee to find Grierson’s successor. Club secretary, Lauchlan Millar, said: “Over the last few months George has carried out his duties professionally and I’m sad to see him go.

“There are no hard feelings what so ever. We shook hands and wished them all the very best.

“The club have let George and his staff down. They were challenging for promotion up until the club started to get in to trouble.” It’s now a new chapter for Lugar as the club are on the hunt for a new president as well as a manager.

Mr Millar added: “The club is now starting with a completely clean slate and it’s a perfect opportunity for someone to get in to junior football. We encourage any young manager eager to get a foot in the junior game to apply to us.” Lugar are now officially accepting applications to fill the vacant managerial position.

You can apply by contacting Lauchlan Millar on 07502 456899 or emailing The deadline for applications is Friday May 22.