Ayr Utd survey response 'fantastic'

Published: 15 May 2012 09:30

The Honest Men Trust (THMT) have had a fantastic response to their online survey of the opinions of Ayr United fans, both past and present and are keeping the survey open until the end of the week to allow more supporters the chance to participate and give their views on the club.

THMT Chairman John Dalton said "We have had a fantastic response to our online survey with over 350 responses having been received so far which accounts for around 25% of the average home support at Somerset Park for a league match but we want to hear from all supporters, particularly those who for one reason or another no longer attend Ayr matches."

"The survey so far has thrown up a lot of varied opinions about what is happening at Ayr United, some positive and some negative and we will be analysing these responses during the close season before compiling a report that we will make available to the club and supporters alike. This is a chance for all Ayr United supporters, whether they still attend matches or just go to selected matches, or no longer go at all, to have their say on what is good and bad about the club. Fans are the lifeblood of every football club but their views are often overlooked and this is their chance to have their say about Ayr United, in the knowledge that their considered responses will be listened to and taken on board."

"Obviously all Ayr fans are devastated by the events on Saturday and our relegation again to the Second Division but maybe this gives the club the opportunity to go back to the grassroots. What do the fans want? What can be done to improve things at the club? There is a lot of talented individuals amongst the fan base with a wealth of knowledge and abilities, not just on football matters but skills that have been learned through employment or other interests that can be utilised in a football context and this is the fans chance to have their input into the future of Ayr United."

Fans can access the survey online at www.thehonestmentrust.co.uk and the survey will remain open until midnight on Sunday, 20th May

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