THERE was no denaying who was happier with the result as Auchinleck Talbot romped to victory at Beechwood Park.

Tommy Sloan's side put seven past Ardrossan Winton Rovers as they setup an Ayrshire Weekly Press Cup semi-final with Kilwinning Rangers at Abbey Park.

Goals from Keir Milliken, Klark Thomson, James White, Dylan Pooler and a Dylan Stevenson hat-trick saw them ease past a laclustre Winton side.

The Talbot boss fet his side throughly derseved their win. Sloan told the Chronicle: "Definitely, it was a good start to the game. I honestly just seen the ball hitting the net, I was just taking my place. It was a great start.

"Obviously, the sending off thing doesn't Ardrossan's pledge.

"You've got to be happy. We managed to bring in a boy and get a rest into one or two of them but really that was all I had fit, just the three subs.

"The rest aren't fit but I was pleased with the boys."

The result means that Talbot will travel to Sloan's old team, Kilwinning Rangers, with whom he won the 1999 Junior Cup.

The Talbot gaffer was looking forward to it and said: "Overall I'm delighted we're in the next round against Kilwinning, at Kilwinning.

"Kilwinning was a long time ago now and it's an ex-club but it's not about that now. It's great to be in the semi-final. We like to be in all the competitions and we're pleased with that, we want that to continue as long as we can."