RESIDENTS in Ochiltree are being warned to keep their cars locked at night after a thief hit the town on Saturday night.

One car was broken into on Main Street and bags containing sports gear were stolen while a wallet was taken from another on Old School Wynd.

Stuart McKinnon was one of the victims and he took to Facebook to warn the town. Stuart told the Chronicle: “I thought that I’d maybe just misplaced my wallet, then I noticed that my passenger side door wasn’t closed properly.

“I had an old bank card in the centre console that I hadn’t gotten round to destroying yet and that was gone as well, that’s when the penny dropped. I checked my glove box and there were some things missing there as well.

“I check my car is locked from the flat window every night and I’ve obviously not double checked on Saturday.”

Police inquiries are ongoing into the thefts and a spokesperson for Police Scotland added: “Between 9pm on November 25 and 12.30am on November 26 on Main Street, Ochiltree, entry was forced to a car and bags containing sports gear and personal papers were stolen.

“On the same dates, between 7pm and 11.30am on Old School Wynd, Ochiltree, entry was made to an insecure car and a wallet containing a small amount of cash and personal papers was stolen.

“Anyone with any information should contact Cumnock Police on 101 quoting incident number 3701 of November 26.

“We would like to remind people to ensure that they lock their cars when retiring for the evening and that all valuables are removed and not left in cars overnight.”