FRUSTRATED drivers on the A76 between Sanquhar and Thornhill have been negotiating a set of temporary traffic lights for more than three years.

Meanwhile £206,000 has been spent on the site, at Enterkinfoot, with no plan in place to carry out the necessary repairs anytime soon.

Dumfriesshire MSP Oliver Mundell says the figures are ‘astonishing’ and is calling on the Scottish Government to lay out a plan for the A76 and share it with the public He has consistently pressed Transport Minister Humza Yousaf for answers and says this latest revelation regarding spending on the route will cause more anger among motorists.

Mr Mundell said: “I find it astonishing that more than £200,000 of taxpayers money has been spent on groundworks at Enterkinfoot, when there is absolutely no firm plans or timescale to get the A76 fully re-opened.

“Motorists have had to put up with three years of delays on this route, yet the Transport Minister remains silent on any sort of action plan for the A76.

“We are seeing hundreds of thousands of taxpayers money being frittered on works on this route with absolutely no end in sight for motorists.

“It simply isn’t good enough for the Transport Minister to say some nice words, which I know just doesn’t wash with people in the area.

“It’s time the Minister got in the driving seat and laid out a clear plan once and for all as to how Transport Scotland are going to get the A76 fully operational.”

In answer to Mr Mundell’s question, Mr Yousaf confirmed that £206k has been spent on ground investigation work on the A76 at Enterkinfoot.

This figures includes Geotechnical Statement of Intent including Desk Study; Design of Ground Investigation; Compilation of tender documents; Ground Investigation, laboratory tests and factual reporting and Geotechnical Interpretative Report.