AUCHINLECK artist Brian Carey continued to showcase his latest work in protest at the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

He has produced a series of works entitled ‘Message for United Nations...! Tribute to Yemen’ which have been on display in Cumnock and Glasgow last week as he aims to raise awareness of the situation in the Gulf state.

The devastating civil war in Yemen has lead to more than 10,000 civilian deaths with over 3.1 million people displaced and Carey highlights how he feels the US and UK are complicit in the suffering caused by the Saudi-led coalition.

Mr Carey has previously produced artwork in relation to the Syrian Civil War and he now also feels the Yemeni people are getting the recognition they have previously been missing out on.

He said: “Both tributes this time received the attention Yemen deserves from the people on street. Even to the point of a couple of concerned individuals participating with the work.

“One was from Brazil and the other, from Croatia, said he can connect with the suffering of the Yemeni people as his country also suffered greatly through conflict. The one with the corpse on top of the flags was done in Cumnock at the bottom of Barhill road and the other in Glasgow town centre. The work in Cumnock reads ‘We’re not helping in Yemen’.

“The Glasgow work reads ‘Wanda Saleh age five, Fedah Soliman age nine months, both female killed by Saudi coalition, Razeh Saada, Yemen #UN #WHY’.”