A CUMNOCK man, who stalked his ex girlfriend, despite being told their relationship was over, has been released on bail.

William King, formally of George McTurke Court, repeatedly turned up at her home address uninvited, made requests for money and tried to communicate with her before acting in an aggressive and intimidating manner.

King showed up at Lloyd’s Pharmacy at The Tanyard, at the same time as his ex, shouted and demanded to know if she was in a relationship with someone else before repeatedly contacting her on her mobile and leaving voicemails.

The 37-year-old appeared from custody, before Sheriff John Montgomery at Ayr Sheriff Court last week. The court heard how the pair had been in a relationship for three - four years.

Depute Fiscal, Jacob Tomnay, said: “The complainer lives with her mother. After the relationship ended she made it clear she did not want anything more to do with him.

“Mr King turned up at her house twice a day, asking for money. A few months later he accused attempted to phone the woman.

“At a later date, the complainer and her mother,were in the pharmacy, when they saw King. The woman told her mother to contact police if he came in which he did.

“King asked if she was seeing anyone else. Police were contacted.

He left then came back and shouted, ‘I came here to be with you’ before storming out of the pharmacy.

“On February 15, the woman received five voicemails and ten text messages within 30 minutes. They were not threatening, just asking her to call him.”

Speaking on his behalf, defence solicitor, Alexander Currie, said: “Mr King has been in custody since September 28.

“My understanding is the couple were still seeing each other but that was against the wishes’s of the complainer’s mother and grandmother.

“Mr King found out and became disgruntled as he wanted the relationship to continue. This was threatening to someone on the receiving end of his behaviour.”

Sheriff Montgomery told King: “I am going to defer sentence for a period of three months. You should not misunderstand that.”

Sentence has been deferred for King to be of good behaviour.