A MAN, who took his anger out on a fishmonger’s van and taxi, driver using his walking stick has been slapped with community service.

Iain Howie, of James Young Avenue, Cumnock behaved in an aggressive manner towards the owner of the van, struck the vehicle with his stick, damaging the body work in May this year.

In June he recklessly damaged a taxi with his stick before striking the driver. In August he showed up at his neighbour’s house, undressed, shouted, swore, brandished the stick and struck a window with his hands.

The 65-year-old appeared before Sheriff John Montgomery at Ayr Sheriff Court last week.

Depute Fiscal Jacob Tomnay, said: “At midday on May 18, the witness was trading as a fishmonger. Howie walked up to his van. He had been abusive to the fishmonger before. Howie hit the van with his walking stick, damaging it. The damage was estimated to be worth £300.

“The second witness, was a taxi driver, who collected Howie from the Boswell Arms in Auchinleck, at 7pm. Howie was clearly under the influence of alcohol. He repeatedly asked to be taken to Asda so he could do his weekly shop.

“This was declined but the taxi driver took him to the Netherthird shops. Howie came out with alcohol . The taxie driver had waited for him.

“As he got into the taxi, he hit it with his walking stick. A member of the public went to see if the driver was okay. Howie returned to the taxi with the walking stick and began prodding inside the vehicle. The damage was estimated at £400.

“The third witness, a neighbour of the accused, was in her property when she observed Howie walking up her path in a state of undress. He had his pyjamas with him.

“He went to the back of the house and shouted ‘I was sleeping and you woke me up’.

Speaking on his behalf, defence solicitor, Iain Gillies, said: “A bit of a theme my Lord. The fish van was a regular van parked in the same place. It has a very loud horn to tell residents it has arrived but Mr Howie took offence at that. There is an issue with social isolation. He has a place in sheltered housing.”

Addressing the dock, Sheriff Montgomery, said: “It is quite clear from your criminal behaviour that you are intolerant to other people and I suspect your intolerance increases when you drink.

“You need to learn to live within the community otherwise you will find yourself in custody.”

Howie has been placed on a supervision order for 12 months.