HAVING a shower turned into an ordeal for a Patna resident.

Instead of enjoying a refreshing blast of warm water, things turned much hotter after the equipment burst into flames.

The incident has sparked a public warning issued by the council, who are telling people not to use the affected model, manufactured by Triton.

Alan Coughtrie, Scottish Fire and Rescue station manager, said: “Firefighters from Dalmellington responded to a shower on fire in a domestic property at Whitehill Avenue, Patna on August 30 at 11.31am.

“Crew members used a dry powder fire extinguisher to deal with the fire and also isolated the power supply to the property for safety until it was examined by qualified personnel.”

There are understood to be no injuries incurred as a result of the fire but East Ayrshire Council are not taking any chances.

Katie Kelly, Head of Housing and Communities, said: “Triton Showers has advised East Ayrshire Council that in a number of cases there may be a potential fault affecting a specific model of shower, the Triton Safeguard + Thermostatic.

“It is important to note that only the existing installations of the Triton Safeguard + Thermostatic shower may be affected. Triton has confirmed that all other Triton showers are unaffected.

“Triton Safeguard+ Thermostatic showers were installed during April 2014 and December 2016 in homes that required aids and adaptations.

“Precautionary checks started in August and Triton engineers have already upgraded a number of shower units.

“Following an incident on Wednesday, August 30, the cause of which is still being investigated, we have taken the precautionary decision to advise all affected tenants not to use their showers until checks are completed by Triton approved engineers.

“We are continuing to work in close partnership with Triton and aim to have all checks completed and the showers fully working within seven days.

“All affected households have been notified and we are working in partnership with Health and Social Care and Housing colleagues to provide support to them.

“We are here to help and I can assure our affected tenants that we will do everything in our power to support them until this matter is resolved.”

It is believed that more than 500 of the models in question have been installed in homes — have you been affected? Contact our newsdesk at editorial@cumnockchronicle.co.uk or call 01290 421633.