A RESIDENTIAL care worker has been ordered to attend a disciplinary hearing to answer a series of allegations.

Lauren Lindsay will appear at the Scottish Social Services Council HQ in Dundee in connection with her employment at a child care home near Mauchline.

Among the alleged misdemeanours Ms Lindsay will be asked about claims she failed to deal with a child who had wet themselves during an outing.

She is also alleged to have forged a colleague’s signature on a document which logged shift swaps.

Ms Lindsay’s hearing takes place over three days next week.

It relates to a period of employment with the National Autistic Society.

If the allegations are proved she may be deemed as ‘unfit to practice.’ As a result, she could be struck off or sanctioned as a consequence.

A worker is fit to practice if they meet the standards of character, conduct and competence necessary for them to do their job safely and effectively with particular regard to the code of practices for social service workers and their employers.

During the hearing, which will be held in public, some of the allegations may be amended while actions may be taken to protect the identity of people connected with the case, such as people who use services, or to protect sensitive personal information.

If the allegation — wholly or partly — is that the worker’s fitness to practice is impaired due to their health, the parts of the hearing relating to the worker’s health will be held in private.

The panel may decide that not all of the allegations are proved.

They could also find that Ms Lindsay’s fitness to practice is not impaired, and dismiss the case.