CUMNOCK’S MP and MSP have come together and hit out at the failed PFI scheme’s that are costing East Ayrshire Council millions of pounds a year.

The refurbished Mauchline Primary School is one of just four schools built under the controversial scheme that sees the council annually shell out £10 million to private contractors.

The scheme lead to outcry across Scotland when schools in Edinburgh were forced to close for almost 500 days while essential repairs were carried out.

MP Corri Wilson and MSP Jeane Freeman have condemned the PFI schools scheme.

Ms Wilson said: “These figures are a staggering indictment of Labour’s failed policies and inability to govern. While, thankfully, Labour are no longer in power at Holyrood, the Scottish people are still having to pay for their mess. What a legacy they have left us.

“As a result of the previous Labour administration’s irresponsible and shambolic approach to PFI, East Ayrshire Council shells out £10 million per year on payments for just four schools. In South Ayrshire, this figure is £10.5 million – thanks to a deal negotiated by the Conservative administration in 2006. While Labour constantly carp from the sidelines about the SNP’s record, with £425 million being spent this year alone on this failed scheme, it is high time they had a look at their own record.

“Labour, and their Tory accomplices, should apologise for this toxic legacy.”

Ms Freeman added: “Helping all young people to reach their full potential through education is a vitally important goal for the Scottish Government, and it is ridiculous that money is being spent propping up inadequate school buildings instead of teaching children. Labour’s PFI scheme has been, as expected, a failure.

“Local councils, and local people, are now paying for the Labour Party’s recklessness, money that would be better spent directly on children and young people.”