PUPILS from Sorn Primary School have become potential lifesavers after taking part in the Heartstart programme.

They were give hands-on advice when Sorn Community Council arranged the sessions to take place with the older classes.

The tuition is aimed at teaching vital life-saving skills when someone suffers a heart attack, or has a cardiac arrest.

Sorn is now one of more than 1,700 Heartstart schemes across the UK, supported by the British Heart Foundation.

During the two-hour training course, the pupils were taught how to deal with an unconscious person and to recognise a heart attack and a cardiac arrest.

Among the other essential skills they learned were how to perform CPR, deal with choking and respond to serious bleeding – all potential actions that could save someone’s life.

Alan Ward, East Ayrshire Council’s Head of Education said: “Our young pupils were very enthusiastic and learned quickly.

“These are great skills for all people to learn and this is a will be a timely course as Sorn will soon have a defibrillator installed in the village.

“The young people had a really positive experience and other pupils have now come forward asking if they can be included in any future training.”