CUMNOCK residents choose which 16 community groups were to receive share of a £10,000 windfall.

The Participatory Budgeting event was held at the Town Hall to give groups the chance to pitch their ideas.

A total of 35 applications were made, with 27 organisations presenting their ideas to Cumnock residents in order to receive a funding boost of up to £750.

Once all the groups had had their say, residents of P7 age and above voted to choose the projects they wanted the money to go to.

During the count, entertainment was provided by pupils from Greenmill Primary including Zain Smith who read a poem.

Neil Given of Cumnock Community Action Plan said: “It was a Participatory Budgeting event. Community groups were able to apply for a share of £10,000 funding.

"We had to put on an event for residents to vote and choose which projects got funding.

"There were 35 community groups that applied and 16 were successful. 

“There were a range of different groups that applied. Sports, schools, Cumnock Action Plan had applied to start a brochure about Cumnock, the Girl Guides, young people, Cumnock Senior Citizens and the history group as well. There were quite a lot and a wide range of groups.

“Greenmill Primary had put on some entertainment whilst the count was ongoing and there was also tea, coffee and cakes on offer.”