TWO primary school pupils were fired at by a BB-gun wielding teenager.

The horror attack happened beside a shopping area near their school, Patna Primary, on Friday, February 24.

Two 11-year-olds were struck by pellets during the alleged incident which happened just before 1pm in Doonside Avenue, Patna.

Both children were hurt in the attack but neither required any medical treatment.

An alert was raised with police deployed to the scene — officers confirmed that two youths, aged 14 years, are now the subject of early intervention measures.

Community Policing Sergeant at Cumnock, Raymond Kerr, said “Discharging BB pellets towards anyone is a reckless and dangerous act. Thankfully in this incident no one has been seriously injured, however, the consequences could have been a lot more serious.

“During this incident local community officers worked closely with staff from Patna Primary School to ensure the children involved were given suitable medical care and the alleged offenders were quickly identified.”