A MAUCHLINE schoolgirl is paying the ultimate tribute to her military dad.

Megan Adams, 10, was handpicked from thousands of hopefuls to feature on a charity record.

She and four others - all from England - are called the Poppy Girls and set to top the charts with their Poppy Appeal record.

They will also perform in front of The Queen at next month’s Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall.

Megan and mum Cheryl met Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday and were on the Daybreak sofas on Wednesday publicising their fundraising efforts.

And just like the Military Wives before them, it’s hoped they will raise millions for our Armed Forces.

Mum Cheryl said: “Megan was singing at a children’s event when someone saw her and asked her to come along for the audition.

“The first set of auditions were on YouTube and then she was one of 60 to audition for the live stage. Then it was whittled down and Megan got into the final five.

“This is so exciting for Megan and we are so, so proud of her. It’s fantastic that she is doing something for the cause.” While they are sharing Megan’s joy, her dad is thousands of miles away.

Lietenant Commander William Adams - who received an MBE in 2009- will be in the Indian Ocean this Christmas as part of anti-pirate operations.

But his daughter’s voice will never be far away.

Cheryl said: “He’s there from June to January. It’s not great but is just part of our lives. It’s not easy for any of us being apart at Christmas.

“But the song is something that will bring us all together. We’re in tears every time we hear it. We’re both incredibly proud of Megan.

Megan, who has an older sister Caitlin, added: “I am very sad my dad isn’t going to be there to see me singing at the Albert Hall. I will just have to think of him when I’m performing. I miss him so much but I have to be brave.” Megan will be joined on stage in London by Florence Ransom, 10, Alice Milburn, 13, Bethany Davy, 15, and Charlotte Mellor, 17, who are all from England.

Their cover version of the Regina Spektor song The Call (No Need To Say Goodbye) will be released on Remembrance Sunday.