VISITORS to a number of wards at University Hospital Crosshouse can now visit between 2pm and 9pm for a trial period. The flexible visiting pilot will run until the end of the year in Ward 5A (ENT surgery) and Ward 5D and 5E (care of older people assessment). If successful, flexible visiting will be introduced in other wards.

Liz Moore, Director of Acute Services, explains: “We know that having a visit when you are in hospital plays a vital part in your recovery. We are therefore encouraging people to visit their loved ones by extending visiting hours. We do have to ask visitors for their help, however, in following a few simple rules. For example, visiting at mealtimes will be restricted. But we will make exceptions for seriously ill patients or those who would like their visitor to help them with their meal. And if you have any doubts about whether the patient is well enough for a visit after their procedure, the nurse in charge will be happy to give you advice.” Simple steps to make flexible visiting a success We usually ask that only two visitors come at any one time. If a patient is seriously ill, the nurse in charge will discuss with close family and friends the best options for visiting at other times, too.

Patients may get tired quickly, and need rest to help their recovery, so think about the length of your visit Children are welcome. Those under 12 should be close family such as children, stepchildren and grandchildren.

Help us fight infection: Clean your hands before and after a visit by using the gel provided Don’t visit if you feel unwell, have a cold, diarrhoea or vomiting Don’t bring perishable food into hospital Don’t sit on the patient’s bed or chair.