Energy Saving Trust Scotland is inviting all businesses in Ayrshire to a special event to demonstrate how electric vehicles can save money and the environment.

Large and small companies across Ayrshire can learn first-hand how electric vehicles can benefit them - with the opportunity to test-drive top models on the day.

Energy Saving Trust experts will also be on hand to provide businesses with information about the range of funding and financial support currently available in Scotland - including accessing help from the Low Carbon Transport Loan Fund, which can provide interest-free loans of up to �50,000 for electric vehicles, with a repayment term of up to 6 years.

They will also be able to provide examples of how electric vehicles have benefitted Scottish organisations to date, and offer the opportunity for participants to take part in an open discussion about electric vehicles in Scotland.

The event in Kilmarnock at the Park Hotel, Thursday 6th December at 9.30am is one of five events being held across Scotland by the Energy Saving Trust - a charitable organisation which helps people reduce carbon emissions and save energy. It is being held to reflect the growing popularity of electric vehicles as a viable option for businesses aiming to reduce travel costs.

Ian Murdoch, transport manager at Energy Saving Trust Scotland, said: "Many drivers have now realised that electric vehicles can be a realistic and cost-efficient purchase, with running expenses as low as 2p a mile.

"Currently, businesses buying electric cars can benefit from financial support such as our interest free Low Carbon Transport Loan, and a grant of up to �10,000 for installing publicly available charging points through Scotland's Plugged-in Places project, both funded by Transport Scotland." Registration for the electric vehicle event can be made by visiting further information on the Energy Saving Trust, or on saving money on travel and transport, businesses can call 0800 51 2012.